Singapore Valkyries Girls Rugby Program

Viant is a proud sponsor of the Singapore Valkyries Girls Rugby program

This program develops contact rugby opportunities for girls in Singapore age 8 to 18. The focus is to offer excellent coaching so the girls can develop a passion for the sport while forming strong bonds on and off the pitch.

Valkyries welcomes girls from all Rugby Clubs and all backgrounds across Singapore and the goal is to bring rugby to girls in Singapore who are inspired to be part of a team sport. The Valkyries also run empowering international community projects where the girls have the opportunity to travel and give back to communities less fortunate.

The Valkyries travel once per year to Phnom Penh to take part in an initiative with Kampuchea Ballop, a French registered non-profit organization that works in Cambodia assisting disadvantaged and disabled children to develop and build themselves through sports.

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